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About us

  We all hit rock bottom sometime in our life. Our mind, body & soul will search something so immaculate that calls us to a higher self a new beginning, a new journey.
  This is mine, a journey that I personally see no ending but only continuously growth discovered healing crystals in the mist of my darkest days. Learning & educating myself in awe of these natural gifts earth has to offer us.
How selfish of me if i don’t share this with you all, as i could scream on top of a mountain to spread the love & light i have found!
  We are all about staying grounded, staying true to our self & protecting our energy! May get adrenaline trying to collect as much information as well Crystals! As beautifull & powerful these stones are, we have to do our part to set intentions & most importantly protect us from negative energy.
But we are here to make it easier for you all my babes! Dedicated to create beautiful Crystal Jewelry to help you stay connected to your higher self as well your style. 
     Sending love & light